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It’s time for Wednesday Briefs again! This is a group of writers/bloggers who on Wednesdays post a piece of flash fiction, between 500-1000 words, based on a prompt list sent out by the moderator. This week I decided to use the prompt “Triple D chest, with an IQ of wall paper paste.” I really had fun writing this short. Aber encounters Colt again, and is introduced to someone important to him. As always the other blogs will be linked below, so once you’ve finished with my piece, go ahead and check out the others.

Week 1 here
By Shelly Schulz

The lunch rush had hit the diner hard. Aber stood in the parking lot, cell phone clutched in one hand, as she considered coming back later. She only wanted to pick up her paycheck and then head into Enumclaw to meet up with some friends and have contact with people that weren’t loggers, or the extremely attractive, funny Colt Hunter. A flush came to her face when she remembered that he had taken her home after the storm, and how nice it felt to be pressed tight against his back on the motorcycle as they took the soggy back roads to her cabin.

Gravel crunched under her feet as she walked across the parking lot. Her phone started to vibrate receiving a text. Without looking at it she put her phone on silent and tucked it into the back pocket of her jeans. The bell chimed as she entered the diner, and she grabbed an apron tying it around her waist.

Plates lined the window that separated the kitchen from the main part of the diner. She grabbed a ticket, stacked a tray with the proper food and took it to the table. On her way back she cleared another table, pausing to wipe it down. Aber so caught up in the work that she nearly collided with Sam, another waitress.

“You aren’t working today kiddo,” They sidestepped each other, Aber squeezing behind the counter to get more plates.

“I wanted to get my check,” her stomach growled audibly. “Maybe grilled cheese and tomato soup while I’m here.”

“Keep running tables for me, I’ll tell Chewie what you need.” Sam swatted her with a towel as Aber passed by.

Aber took a loaded down tray to the table in the back corner, and set the food down. “Anything else I can get you?” She grinned at the couple at the table.

“Another Coke would be great, Aber.”

She looked up from the ticket, Colt’s voice going straight through her. He was sitting across from a beautiful redhead. “One coke, anything for you Miss?” She couldn’t look away from Colt’s lunch date, a little unsure where her jealousy was coming from. They had talked for hours while waiting out the storm, significant others hadn’t come up.

“So you’re Aber.” The woman’s lips curved into a grin, a wicked glint in golden eyes. “She is cute Colt.” A beat, “I’ll take a Coke too.” Aber nodded and took their empty glasses.

She couldn’t stop the curious glances back toward the booth. The two had ordered what looked like half the menu and were tucking in with enthusiasm. She dumped the ice and put the dirty glasses in the sink, filling new ones with ice and coke.

“She’s got great tits.” Sam came up beside her, jerking her head toward Colt and his date. “Her name is Ryann. Triple Ds, but  has the IQ of wallpaper paste.”

“Sam!” Horrified Aber turned to the older waitress. “Be nice. They’re probably dating.” Sam’s laughter caught her off guard.

“The Hunter family is a lot of things, but they’re not kissing cousins.”

“Well that’s something at least.” Aber muttered. She put the glasses onto the tray, “Where is this going?” She pointed to the food on the tray.

“It’s yours, Chewie gave you chicken noodle. Park it and eat and by the time you’re done your check will be ready.” Sam filled a tray of cups and headed out onto the floor.

“Your Cokes.” Aber put the glasses in front of Colt and Ryann. “Anything else?”

“Yeah, you.” Ryann said with a grin. “That’s your lunch isn’t it? Sit with us.”

“I couldn’t…” Aber said, even as Ryann took the sandwich plate off the tray.

“Park it cutie. The place is packed.” Ryann said. “I heard Sam say that you were waiting for your check.”

Aber glanced back to the drink station, with the noise of competing conversations she found it hard to believe to hear anything other than the normal diner noises. “Great ears.”

“The better to hear you with.” Ryann muttered and took a bite of a greasy burger. Colt frowned and shifted in his seat.

“Sorry, I teach sign language in Seattle. I can read lips.” Ryann glared at Colt who relaxed. The conversation flowed, Aber learning more about Colt than she was sure the man wanted her to know. Her face and stomach hurt from laughing–the cousins were vindictive with their stories, constantly trying to one up each other with embarrassing tales. Sam had come and dropped the check off for Colt and Ryann, and Aber’s paycheck.

“Chewie says lunch is on him for helping out.” Sam said, clearing empty plates from their table. “Anytime you two are ready I can ring you out.”

“Thank you for sharing the table.” Aber said as she slid out of the booth. “But I’m late meeting some friends.” She shifted her weight, and offered a shy smile. “Tomorrow night you both could come over. Beer and bad horror movies?”

Ryann glanced at Colt. “I’d love that. A warning though, Colt’s a big baby when it comes to horror movies. He’ll totally build a fort and hide when he thinks we’re not looking.”

“If you’re not careful Ryann will drink all the beer and steal your shoes.” Colt said. “How about we show up at six tomorrow? We’ll bring pizza with everything on it.” He too got out from the booth. “I’ll walk you to your car.”

“Make a lady pay for lunch.” Ryann said.

“You’re a Hunter, not a lady.” Colt said. Ryann flipped him the bird and Aber shook her head.

Colt and Aber walked in silence back to her Jeep, fingers brushing before Colt took her hand. He raised her hand to his lips, and kissed her fingertips. “Saturday night, just me and you. I can’t get you out of my mind.”

Aber nodded, breath caught in her chest. She leaned up and kissed him on the cheek. “Saturday night then.”

I hope you enjoyed this week’s short. If you’d like to leave a comment please go ahead and do so. I’m going to continue with this story for a few more weeks at least as I world build some more. I’ve been bitten by this muse and it might end up being pulled and turned into something much bigger. But for now, please enjoy the weekly installations.

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  1. LOL!!! My favorite: ““She’s got great tits.” Sam came up beside her, jerking her head toward Colt and his date. “Her name is Ryann. Triple Ds, but about has the IQ of wallpaper paste.””

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