Top Ten Tuesday!

I love movies set in small towns, and the setting of the Chesapeake Bay books would be amazing cinematographic scenery. Plus I’m madly in love with the Quinn brothers and it would be lovely to see their relationships play out on the big screen. (Nora Roberts)

I think Tent City is a fresh take on a pre-apocalyptic world with great characters and again sweeping visual interest. I can think of a couple scenes in particular–and the ending/cliffhanger would leave people scrambling for the sequel. (Kelly Van Hull)

This would be an epic fantasy series. I can almost see Peter Jackson directing it, simply because of the world descriptors and I think it would fit with his director’s aesthetic. There are beautiful scenes and some really amazing creatures that I’d love to see brought to life on the main screen. Plus, there’s not enough witches/fey in theaters at the moment. (Anne Bishop)

Considering how descriptive heavy this book is, I think it would make a brilliant movie. I think it would be fun in black and white with splotches of color–kind of how Sleepy Hollow was done. I can see this as a Tim Burton movie, and the little added quirks would just send me over the edge. (Erin Morgenstern)

Again, I can see this Tim Burton-esque in style. I just think it would be fun to have a well written/well filmed Steampunk genre movie. I love the characters, even though I fell out of love with the series, I’d certainly watch them on the big screen. (Gail Carriger)

This would be tons of fun to see on the big screen. A great introduction to high fantasy that would translate well onto screen. New creatures, great story line, and I personally think Adrian Brody would make a great Numair. But that’s just my love for Brody and wanting to project him into anything I read/watch. (Tamora Pierce)

Demons, vampires, werewolves, and a whole lot of trouble. This would be a great summer series, probably sandwiched comfortably between Marvel releases. I think it would satisfy the cravings of the fans of Supernatural, the tv show, but at the same time stand alone and give a really great movie experience. (Rob Thurman)

I’ve really got a thing for Apocalyptic movies right now, and this book would be a great start to the movie trilogy. I can see it shot on a gritty hand-camera set up, muted tones, and an amazing soundtrack. I just want this to happen. (Ben Winters)

I think this would be a great guys-guys movie series. I love these types of movies, lots of action, and magic with a touch of fantasy and some sexy things going on. The soundtrack would be epic to this. Frankly, I just want to see it on the big screen. (Kevin Hearne)

I’ve come up with my own fantasy cast for this series, and I was over the freaking moon when I found out that Simon R. Green had a work turned into a movie. Unfortunately it’s of a series I’m not particularly fond of. But this series, I can see either as a massive movie franchise or something that would actually work really well as a television show. I’d love to see this happen. There’s tons of great aspects to this series, great action, great dialogue and amazing world building. (Simon R. Green.)

This is my Top Ten for the week. I’ve actually thought about this a lot, and I’m such a visual person I had a hard time just narrowing my list down. Tell me what books you’d love to see as movies…or even your dream cast! Thanks for stopping by, comment and feel free to link your TTT below.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by: The Broke and the Bookish


5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday!

  1. This is the fourth time I saw Night Circus in a list, it’s probably a sign that I should start reading it soon. Chesapeake Bay sounds really intriguing, and I love the Parasol Protectorate Series, it would make such an entertaining movie.

  2. I loved the Parasol Protectorate series. Wish I would have had room to put it on my list, and I absolutely second more steampunk on the big screen! Thanks for stopping by TheGnomingLibrarian!

  3. Yes. I would love so much for the Chesapeake Bay books to be movies. I love the Nora Roberts books being made into lifetime movies so even if they weren’t ~big screen, I’d be happy with that.

    Night Circus would make a brilliant, visually stunning movie. And yes, it’s totally a Tim Burton style movie.

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