Flash Fiction! Wednesday Briefs.

Good morning everyone! Happy Wednesday! Today I’m sharing my piece of flash fiction that I’ve written. I’m part of a group of authors/bloggers who got together and started writing short flashes of story 500-1,000 words based on prompts sent out by a moderator. This is the weekly continuation of Guardian of the Wolves and it’s a continuation of last week’s scene; Aber and Colt manage to sneak off for a proper date.

I hope you enjoy this week’s piece, I used the prompts “You know what I want” and “Tastes sooooo good”. I’ve linked the other weeks so you can get caught up. Please feel free to leave a comment, and we’ll talk some more! Also check out the other participants, their blogs will be linked below.

To read the previous parts of this series, please check the Guardian of the Wolves tag. Thanks.

“I don’t want you to back off.” Aber said, carding her hands through her hair, the bobby pins dislodging and flying. “That’s the last thing I want.” She bit her lower lip.

“Then I won’t back off.” Colt said. He was watching her, she could feel his gaze, heavy on her even as she paced. She rubbed the back of her neck and opened the passenger side door and pulled out the bag of leftover fries, at this point they smelled repulsive, but they tasted so good. She sat on the hood of the truck next to him, and ate a few, the stress knot unwinding in her stomach.

The engine was still throwing off heat, and paired with the warmth radiating off of Colt she slowly calmed, refocused, choosing her words carefully. “I’ve dated before, but you’re someone who shows interest in me, not only sexually, but also in my work. In the past I’ve only really been with people in my academic circle, which I suppose can be taken as a little incestuous because we’re all practically family.” She had reverted to clinical and calculated, the comfort zone where she could evaluate things at arm’s length.

“It confuses me.”

“How?” He said. His hand reached into the bag, and pulled out a couple stone cold fries.

“What do you want from me?” She said. Her hand passed through her hair again, fingers twisting in the ends. “Is this simply a sexual relationship–”

“You know what I want?” Colt said, interrupting her. “I want you. Sex, yeah, sex is a good idea, but right now, I like this. I like all of this.” He waved his hand at her. “I like that your mind is going a million miles a second right now. I like that I scare you a little bit.” He shrugged, and leaned in closer, his lips brushed against hers, the barest of touches.

“I like that I can lose myself entirely in you, and you don’t expect anything from me.” He said.

Aber exhaled, releasing a breath she had been holding. Inhaled, slow and steady, taking in the scent she had wanted so badly to wrap herself in. She could almost taste him, the teasing brushes of his lips against hers, it wasn’t enough. “You’re just Colt.” When she spoke their lips touched again, sending sparks of pleasure through her. She had learned through Sam, that the Hunter family practically ran the town and helped forge it during it’s inception years ago. Colt was the heir to the Hunter logging business, and had drifted in and out of town for years, until his father had died.

Inhale, exhale, one heartbeat, a second, a minute and she closed the centimeters between them. His mouth rough against hers, taking her once more, claiming her, want and need crashing over her. She responded in like, taking satisfaction in the way he moaned her name against her lips, swallowed by their kiss.

The bag of remnant fries was the only casualty, shoved out of the way when Colt moved closer, bracing over her, his weight causing her to lean back. Aber’s back hit the hood of the truck, her arms looping over Colt’s shoulders, keeping him closer. The world shifted slightly when his leg slid between hers, their kiss breaking with a soft gasp. Her hands hand found their way to his hair, fingers twisted in the long strands. His lower lip was swollen from their kisses, his eyes dark. Wordlessly, she moved slightly, allowing him closer, feeling the full press of his weight against her.

A fourth kiss, and then another, and another Aber losing count, surrendering to the all encompassing blaze that was Colt. Somehow she had stripped him of his coat, her hands at the hem of his t-shirt, fingers sliding under the thin cloth. His moan rocked her to the core, her touch moving higher up, feeling the color rise on her cheeks as she traced along the flat plane of his stomach, feeling the muscles move under her fingers. His breath puffed against her neck, Colt pressing kisses to her skin, teeth nipping just hard enough to raise a response, her nails scraping over his skin.

The truck shifted as he pulled away. Aber frowned, sitting up properly as her hands slid from under his shirt. His hands racked through his hair, Aber’s gaze following the swell of his arms and chest with the movement, biting her lower lip even as she reached for him.

“I can’t, not like this.” His voice was coarse, body taut. “I’m not that kind of girl, remember?” His lips twitched into a slight smile that made her stomach flip flop and her breath hitch.

“Neither am I,” Aber said. Every cell in her body screamed, ached, needed more of his touch, his kiss. She felt too large for her skin, wanting reassurance that she was still here, on this Earth and not floating into the unknown. She watched him as he walked around the truck and yanked open the driver’s side door and pulled a blanket out of the cab.

“Just for research’s sake this isn’t a rejection is it?”

“Fuck Aber,” Cold said, his voice dropping low. “I’d take you right here on the hood of my goddamn truck if I could.” He barked out a laugh. “I wanted to take you on the counter at the diner, but I want something with you. This thing between us, isn’t just because I want to bury myself in you.”

He tossed the blanket at her, and lowered the tailgate. “Put this out in the bed of the truck, and grab the camp pillows. I’m going to go firewood.” He squinted against the dying light. “You’ll be okay?”

“Peachy,” Aber said, tugging her camisole back into place. He waved over his shoulder at her as he walked off, heading for the tree line.


To be continued.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s short. If you’d like to leave a comment please go ahead and do so. I’m going to continue with this story for a few more weeks at least as I world build some more. I’ve been bitten by this muse and it might end up being pulled and turned into something much bigger. But for now, please enjoy the weekly installations.

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