Wednesday Briefs.

Flash fiction time! This week is a girl’s talk with Aber and two of her closest friends. Please check out the other bloggers’ posts.


The living room was in complete disarray, the coffee table pushed to the wall, the couch cushions flung haphazardly across the room, the hide-away-bed pulled out and covered in blankets and sleeping bags. A massive bowl of popcorn was balanced precariously between them, Aber frowning in concentration as she painted her best friend’s toenails.

“He likes Star Wars?” Emilie said, leaning in to inspect the cherry red paint job. “Isn’t that a little dorky?”

“He doesn’t mind that I like to roll around in the mud and take pictures of scat.” Aber said. She put the polish aside, and sat up, shifting her weight to put her feet in Emilie’s lap. She handed over a day glow pink polish and watched as the other woman started to paint.

“What’s scat again?” Margo padded barefoot from the kitchen. She crawled onto the futon, and opened the bag of Doritos taking a handful before putting the bag into the communal food pile.

“Shit,” Emilie muttered. “And frankly, I can see why he likes you rolling around in mud. Isn’t that a classic male fantasy?” She wrinkled her nose as she finished off one of Aber’s feet and moved on to the other.

“Gross, I’m trying to eat.” Margo said between crunching on the chips. “So what else happened on your date with Colt?”

“What’s this guy look like anyway? You wouldn’t tell when you came down a couple of days ago.”

Aber reached for her phone, nearly upending the polish bottle. She flipped through the pictures before finding one of Colt she had snapped when he wasn’t paying attention. She turned the phone toward her friends, and grinned a little sheepishly when they fell silent. “He’s cute.”

“Please tell me he has a brother.” Emilie took the phone from her. “He’s gorgeous.”

“He’s more my type.” Margo took the phone from Emilie. “Though they don’t tend to go for fat chicks.”

“You’re not fat.” Aber said automatically.

“Yeah, tell my doctor that then, and the last guy who I met through an online dating site. We met at a bookshop, and told me that I wasn’t his type, and he was talking to me because he felt bad for me.”

“You know lye gets rid of bodies pretty quickly.” Emilie chimed in, handing the phone back to Aber.

“So does lime, but frankly, he’s not worth the effort.”

“Personally, my favorite would have to be some sort of flesh eating bacteria.”

“Aber, why do you always have to go the disgusting route?” Margo said, licking dorito dust from her fingers.

“She’s a scientist, that’s what they do. We could talk to Mickey about getting her hands on one. She’s got a good comfy government job on base.”

“Guys, he’s really not worth it.” Margo said. “Can we drop it, and talk about Aber’s hottie instead?”

“Speaking of Mickey, she’s got a new boyfriend.” Emilie said. She put the polish bottle out of harms way. Margo handed her a bright blue, and moved closer, feet also in her lap. “His name is Marc, he’s a douche, but she loves him apparently.” She rolled her eyes. “She was talking about coming up after finals and staying with you. We all do really.”

“She’s only been with him like a week. Apparently she met him at a concert, and they were getting nasty in the car when Kay was driving them home.” Margo said.

“You’re kidding me.” Aber grabbed the chips, and helped herself. “I mean really? You’re not kidding?”

“The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind. Along with Mickey’s panties.” Emilie said.

“Can we come up and visit you? I mean it’s a couple weeks out so you’ll have time to get some stuff done.” Margo said. “I just miss you.”

“I’ve got enough room for everyone.” Aber said. She chewed on her thumbnail only to have her hand knocked free by Emilie. “Two and two is…”

“Two by three.” Margo said. “There’s five of us.” She paused for a minute. “This could be some serious fun.” Her grin grew wider. “We could play in the woods and pretend to help you and then tear up this one pony town at night.”

“The bar does look kind of neat.” Emilie said.

“I haven’t been, but I’ll hold off until you guys come.”

“Bring your boyfriend.” Emilie grinned wickedly.

“He’s not my boyfriend.” Aber said. “We just went on a date.”

“And had a make-out session in the kitchen.” Emilie said. “Don’t think I didn’t hear you telling Margo that.”

“I hate you both so much right now.” Aber buried her face in her hands, blushing harder as her girlfriends shrieked with laughter.

—To Be Continued.

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3 thoughts on “Wednesday Briefs.

  1. Okay, all caught up. I like that you’re not giving us an instant drop into the paranormal, though there are hints here and there, like the better to hear you with comment before. I’d like to see some more cohesion with the chapters, they feel pretty disjointed, so much that I was searching your blog to see if I’d missed connecting scenes. It’ll be interesting to see how you fit the paranormal themes into your story in the future. 🙂

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