Book People Talking Movies #1.

I found Lindsey’s blog through another meme (Top Ten Tuesday) and really fell in love with her blogging style and her writing. I decided to join up on her meme, Book People Talking Movies, and this is my first entry. You can join in here, or read more about it. Bring My Books

What book were you most surprised has not been adapted to film/tv yet – but in a good way? (You’re convinced no one will ever do it justice!)

I’m going to go old school here, and reach into the stack of books that I loved growing up, and I love to read now. The books by Tamora Pierce. I think the Tortall universe would be an amazing television series. The characters that Pierce created are so vibrant, bright and strong. The female characters especially would be great to have on tv–they would be great characters for younger girls to grow with.

As much as I want this to happen, I really don’t want it to. I don’t think it would be done in a way that would really exemplify what Pierce’s characters stood for. Most television shows would get caught up in the romance and the shipping, and while the relationships between certain characters are really important, they’re not the defining aspects of these character’s lives. I think that a few of the relationships would get blown out of proportion, television writers focusing more on the triangles/crushes rather than the choices that the characters make and how their choices affect not only their lives, but the lives of those around them.

I could see someone like ABC or CW picking it up, and creating beautiful sets and casting beautiful people to play the characters that I love so very much. But I’m glad it hasn’t happened yet. I’m very happy with the scenes that come to mind when I read.

What’s a book that you’re glad HASN’T been made into a movie? Seems like it’s on the upsurge and trendy. Share with me, I’d love to hear. 🙂


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