Back from semi-hiatus.

Hi everyone, I took a semi-unplanned hiatus. I had a few things going on and managed to get myself into a funk that I couldn’t shake. I’m not entirely out of it, but I’m starting to feel better. I thought I’d come on today and talk about what I’ve been up to.

Cookie season has finally wrapped up. I’m a Girl Scout leader, and this year was our troop’s first year selling cookies. I’m really proud of them, they did great, and are excited to do it again. My co-leader and I on the other hand are more than happy to wait for a bit before taking anything on like that again. I spent most of the time after that hiding out, and catching up with friends. Sadly, my reading suffered. I plan on reading a lot this week and getting caught up and getting some great reviews up for you all.

One thing that was a positive this week actually showed up yesterday. I like to do a lot of crafting and trying out new things. I’ve found that I really enjoy making soap. I do melt and pour right now, but soon I’ll start making cold process soap. A couple of months ago, I signed up for Bramble Berry’s soap swap. Bramble Berry is a company that sells tons of soaping supplies. I signed up to create twelve bars of melt and pour soap (I used a Champagne and McIntosh Apple blend), and yesterday I got my return soaps! I ended up with twelve beautiful bars in return, from twelve different soapers. I gave my mom two of the bars because I wasn’t too keen on the scents (one was anise, and the other lavender.) I’m really excited to use them all, and one of them has already been put into my bathroom. The scent on that is cranberry chutney, and it’s such a delicious warm fruity scent.

Here’s my box! I’m super excited. I should be getting another swap box later this week, as I joined up the Chaotic Goddesses Mug-o-comfort swap.

I’ve also become a moderator for a group on Goodreads. The Psychological and Thriller group. Our book of the month for March is Dark Places by Gillian Flynn and I’m loving it so much. I’ll have a review of it up once I’ve finished and wrapped everything up on the goodreads front. I have also been going through manga as though they’re candy. I got hooked on the series Bleach, after putting it down a couple years ago. I’m blown away by the story arcs and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

How was your week?


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