Sunday Rundown (Also known as things that make me happy)

This week was a little ridiculous with what I had to do, it was super busy and I’m not sure that even after taking it easy today I’ll be recovered and ready for next week. It was mainly a mish-mash of lots of little things that needed to get done. Though, yesterday I spent all day at Emerald City Comicon. It was so much fun, and the group I went with is already talking about next year. We only went for one day, and I think next year we’re going all three days.

I did get my package from the Mug-o-Comfort swap that’s put on by Chaotic Goddess Swaps

And this is what I got!

I’m really excited to try the chai tea. I’ve seen it in stores and have been super curious about it. I might make a cup while I read today.

My swap partner was Kenzie from Life & Lemons I was really excited when I saw that she’s also from Washington. She’s got a really great blog where she talks about life on the farm, and her day to day life. She has some really beautiful posts where she showcases things that make her happy. Her blog is a great read, full of inspiration, beautiful images and just great stories. I highly suggest you check her out.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Rundown (Also known as things that make me happy)

  1. Oh, what book did she get you?? That’s a great package…yay for more local bloggers/swappers! 😀
    Thanks for joining us for this one, and I hope you had fun at ECCC!

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