Love in a Box Swap!

A few weeks ago I signed up for the Love in a Box swap, and I was paired with Jess at Bookworms in Dresses. I was really excited to be paired up with another book blogger! I love how she posts about the books she reads while enjoying her breakfast. Here she talks about The Slaughterhouse 5 and The Bat Books for Breakfast. I really enjoyed talking to Jess, and we have quite a bit in common.

In my box I got a garden in a bag (strawberries! Yum!), a letter set that’s really cute. A cell phone charm, a pencil and a pair of earrings in the shape of pencils. đŸ™‚ I’m really happy with the swap, the things I received were so super cute!

If you’d like to see what I got her, go here: Love Box Swap. While you’re there check out her blog some more! She does some really cute posts,


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