Radio Static–Transmission #8 (Wednesday Briefs)



Welcome to my weekly Wednesday Brief flash fiction entry! This is just a free piece of flash fiction (between 500-1,000) words based off of a prompt. I’m part of a wonderful group of flashers 😉 and I’ll have a link to a site where you can read other stories, after my piece.

This week is Radio Static Transmission #8. Jackson Meyer is a 22 year old monster hunter. Blogger and home video extraordinaire, he’s convinced that there are creatures that walk alongside humans. Through his various hunts, adventures and interviews, he finds that he’s right. He’s always been right–there is something that stalks in the shadows. It’s coming for him, and it’s not happy.


Jackson rubbed at the back of his neck. Brody was entirely too calm for his liking. He got to his feet and started to pace, his thoughts tangling and twisting in on themselves. “I mean I’ll double check when I get back to the hotel, but for now I’m almost certain that it saved before the cards went missing.

“Whatever you think is best, man.” Brody said. “I’m going to stay here as long as they let me.”

“They’ll probably kick you out after visiting hours.” Jackson turned, and started back on the path he’d worn into the carpet.



“You want to stay in the trailer?” Brody asked. “Will you sit down, you’re driving me crazy.”

“I can’t sit down.” Jackson said. “I’ve got too much energy.” He crossed the room, to the door. “I’ll call and see if we can get a hotel room. I don’t want to stay in the trailer, and we both need showers.”

Brody shrugged, “Take my card then, see if you can get us something.” He held out his visa to Jackson, who took it.

“Want any coffee?”

“No, get yourself some though.” Brody turned away from him, focused on the door that lead back to the operating rooms.

Jackson let himself out, and walked back the way the receptionist had taken him. He turned down another hallway, the scent of coffee catching his attention. His phone buzzed, displaying a text message from another friend. He took the chance, while having reception to call for a hotel room. Managing to book a double room, he hung up and continued on his hunt for coffee. He turned the corner, phone dropping from his hand when he collided with someone.

“Oh, excuse me.” A hand closed around Jackson’s wrist keeping him upright. Jackson looked up and blinked. The man in front of him towered over him. He was powerfully build, the muscles in his forearm corded before letting go of Jackson.

“It’s alright.” Jackson said. “I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going.” He couldn’t take his eyes off of the other man. He felt silly for staring, but the man was gorgeous. Tawny skin, dark brown hair that braided, green eyes framed by dark, long lashes. Jackson realized that the man’s mouth was moving, but he didn’t hear a word that was said.

“I’m sorry?” Jackson took a step back, forcing himself to focus on anything–anything but the man’s shirt pulled across his chest.

“Are you lost?” The man said with a wry grin. “This old place is full of dead ends.

“I was looking for coffee, I can smell it, haven’t found it yet.”

The man laughed, the sound warm and rich, Jackson immediately longing to hear it again when it faded. “I was headed that way myself. Why don’t we go together.” His hand was offered once more. “I’m Cade.”

“I’d shake, but I haven’t had a chance to ah..” Jackson looked down at his own hands which were still flecked with Killen’s blood.

“There’s a restroom by the coffee shop.” Cade grinned again. “I’d still like to know your name though.”

“Jackson.” He said


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