Radio Static–Transmission #9 (Wednesday Briefs)



Welcome to my weekly Wednesday Brief flash fiction entry! This is just a free piece of flash fiction (between 500-1,000) words based off of a prompt. I’m part of a wonderful group of flashers 😉 and I’ll have a link to a site where you can read other stories, after my piece.

This week is Radio Static Transmission #8. Jackson Meyer is a 22 year old monster hunter. Blogger and home video extraordinaire, he’s convinced that there are creatures that walk alongside humans. Through his various hunts, adventures and interviews, he finds that he’s right. He’s always been right–there is something that stalks in the shadows. It’s coming for him, and it’s not happy.


“It’ll be my treat.” Cade said. The other man shifted his weight, before grinning up through heavily lidded eyes at Jackson.

“Coffee is great.” Jackson shook his head, trying to ignore the flash of heat that ran through him with the sly glance. They walked down the hallway Jackson for once, not wanting to fill the silence with incessant talking. Cade towered over him by at least six inches. Part of him wanted to put Cade side by side with Killen to see who was taller.

He was thoroughly turned around by the time they came to the coffee shop.

“What’s your poison?” Cade asked.

Jackson rubbed at the back of his neck, before speaking. “Just a black drip. Have them put some hazelnut syrup in it for me?” He jerked his head toward the bathroom. “I’m going to try to clean up a little bit.”

“Anything to eat?” Cade asked.

“Get me whatever you get.” Jackson called back over his shoulder. He pushed the door open, locked it behind him. The water was cool and fresh, the soap the general sterile smelling concoction that all hospitals used. He scrubbed at his hands and nails, taking the soap all the way up to his elbows. Rinsed his hands, watching the red tinged bubbles circled the drain. He cupped his hands, letting the water collect, before splashing it over his face, rubbing over tired, worn skin. His nails scraped over the stubble on his cheeks and jaw. Took a deep breath and steadied himself, drying his face and arms.

“Feeling a little better?” Cade asked when Jackson plopped into the chair opposite him. The hospital café was small, just a few tables and chairs, but brightly lit and cheerfully decorated in pastel blues and greens. Stenciled birds danced along the painted walls and on each table was a bundle of yellow daisies.

“Yeah,” Jackson managed a smile. “More human at least.” He wrapped his hands around the paper cup, feeling the heat seep through, warming him slightly. “So, ah, you come here often?”

Cade shook his head and smiled, teeth white against his skin. “Actually, yes. My niece gets blood transfusions. She’s old enough that she wants me to be here with her, but not there with her. If you know what I mean.”

Jackson nodded. “I get that. My best friend’s kid is right in the middle of that stage too.” He took a sip of the life affirming caffeine and stifled a yawn. “I have a buddy in surgery right now.”

“Hunting accident?” Cade reached into a paper bag and pulled out a brownie. “I heard some static on one of the radios about that.”

“No, he was attacked by a cougar or something.” Jackson peeked under the flap of the bag in front of him to find a chocolate chip cookie. “We were looking for Bigfoot.” Raised his gaze just enough, gauging Cade’s response.

Cade wiped his fingers on a napkin, took a sip of coffee, “Monster hunters huh?”

“Everyone has to have a hobby.”

“Fair enough.” Cade’s voice was light and refreshing. Nice to listen to. Jackson found himself getting caught up in the cadence and soft rolling accent. “I like to go hiking, but I haven’t come across any cougars. Been chased by a couple bears though.” His fingers toyed with the cardboard sleeve around his cup. “Find anything of interest?”

“Here and there.” Jackson said. “We found some really great prints the last time we were up here.” Took another sip of his coffee, nerves settling just a little bit. “So I dragged everyone back up here. Figured in a different season we could get more evidence.” The cookie was warm and freshly baked, and he barely resisted he urge to shove it all in his mouth in one go.

“Just Bigfoot or do you chase other creepy crawlies?”

“We once had an invitation from a farmer in Venezuela to come film his son. He was convinced that he was a werewolf.”

“Was he?” Cade arched an eyebrow as he sipped his drink.

“No.” Jackson snorted. “There’s no such thing as were-creatures.”

“A monster hunter that doesn’t believe in shape shifters?”

“Biologically there’s no way a wolf’s genetic makeup would ever mix with a human’s. There are thousands of undocumented species out there, so a giant, bipedal ape is completely within reality.”

“But you blog about the possibilities of genetic anomalies.”

Jackson looked up at his coffee, the last swallow going down like a stone. “You know who I am?”

“Your you tube videos are some of my niece’s favorites.” Cade’s full mouth curved upwards into an easy smile. “She’s going to be so jealous that I met you.”

The silence that followed Cade’s announcement was broken by the frantic buzzing of Jackson’s cell phone. Brody’s number flashed across the screen. “Excuse me a minute.” He pushed the chair back, hitting the accept call button. “What’s going on?” He turned the corner, leaning against the beige hospital wall, worry settling in his gut.

“He’s out of surgery.” Relief was almost tangible in Brody’s voice. “He’s really out of it, and looks like defrosted hell, but he’s okay. He’s okay.”

“I’ll come down in a few minutes.” Jackson said. He leaned heavily against the wall, grip loosening on his phone.

“He’s really out of it, they gave him some good meds.” Brody said. “He’s awake but not for much longer.” The man’s voice shifted, a little. “Touch that one more time Killen. I swear to God I’ll pop you one.”

“What’s he playing with?” Jackson could hear the steady beeping of machines.

“The fucking IV.” Brody said. “Take your time, so he’ll go to sleep. He’s mumbling bullshit. Knock it off you son of a bitch.”

“I hope that was directed toward Killen.” Jackson laughed, relief flooding his system. “I’m going to finish my coffee. I’ll bring you some when I come back.”

“Alright man.”

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