Manga Review: Gangsta. Volume 2 by Kohske.

Title: Gangsta. Volume 2
Author: Kohske.
Publisher: Viz Signature

Rating: kasa_zpsdf6a064a kasa_zpsdf6a064a kasa_zpsdf6a064akasa_zpsdf6a064akasa_zpsdf6a064a

The Handymen, Nic and Worick, ply their trade in Ergastulum, a city run by the Mafia and ruled by violence. Recruited into a battle with a gang, they find themselves against one of the “Twilights”, mercenaries with superhuman abilities generated by dangerous drugs. Nic, who is also a Twilight, fights back with the same savagery and skill–until Worick has to step in to save him from himself. Partners and equals now, in the past they were anything but, yet both men are bound together by the chains of a tragic past as they face an uncertain future.

It’s MINE ALL MINE MY PRECIOUS. Ah, I waited for a month to get my hands on volume two, and it seemed like an eternity. I’m in love with this series, and I cannot express in words how happy I am that Viz has kept it up (there are publication dates up to volume 4). I mean I could try but it would come out with a lot of high pitched squealing and it would upset dogs, cats and small children. So really it’s safer that I just talk about it in a blog setting.

Volume two picks up right after the first volume. Nic and Worick have taken in Alex off the streets and made her the secretary for their business. She’s seemingly settling in well, adjusting to life with the two men. Alex and Worick are hysterically funny together and I really like the way they play off of each other. I like how hard she tries with Nic, giving him space and at the same time teaching herself sign language. Alex is a character that while she provides a lot of sex appeal–she’s a well rounded, flawed character for a seinen series.

When it comes to the plot of this volume, more information about the Twilights and the Three Laws that they have to obey are introduced. It brings an interesting twist to the working relationship and friendship between Nic and Worick. One of my favorite characters, Delico also makes an appearance. The story is starting to get more layers and questions are starting to come to the surface. Hints of double crossing, and a larger story are put into play here. However, that’s put on hold with the third volume which will be about Worick and Nic’s history. After volume three the story will be new to me, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Overall pink4pink5   Beautiful art, clean fight scenes, great engaging characters and a complex story make for a great manga. This is a series for the older crowd however due to content/theme. Volume Three will be out in August.


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