Confessions! (Top Ten Tuesday)



Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted at The Broke and Bookish. Each week the bloggers at The Broke and The Bookish put out a topic, and discuss their top ten options for said topic. This week it’s all about your book blogging confessions.


clouds01 I’m terrible at cross-posting my reviews to Goodreads/Amazon/B&N/Smashwords. I try really hard to do so, but often it just slips my mind. I’m trying to make more of an effort to do it–I’ve made checklists for when I post reviews and I think this will help me cross-post.

clouds02 I get really weird about the amount of book tour/gifted books compared to the books I purchase or get from the library. I want to keep an even balance, but I always feel that it skews more toward gifted books. I’ve been absent for a while, but while I was gone I worked out a schedule of postings and keeping things even enough to make me happy and not feel like everything I get is free.

clouds03 I have–HAVE to finish series. Even if I don’t blog about each individual book. It’s compulsory and I’ve finished some series that I just loathed because I had to finish them. I have to read and share complete series even if it takes a while. I’m still slogging my way through the House of Night series.

clouds04 My to-be-read pile has taken over the bottom two shelves of my bookcase, I have a three foot stack hiding in my closet, overtaken another book case, and I have a few boxes tucked away. I have a book buying problem. I go out for coffee and I come back with three more books. I don’t mind this compulsion, but I feel bad because I buy so many and I get distracted re-reading something rather than reading one of the many new books.

clouds05 I read a lot of manga, and I want to start blogging about it more. I’m just not certain how many people are interested in it. Plus, I read some really weird/off the wall series along with the mainstream ones. I might start doing a monthly feature on a series that I’ve read or am reading.

clouds06 I rarely watch movie adaptations of books. I get really judgey and I know I shouldn’t. I’m a very visual person so while reading I create images of the characters that go along with the story. Most of the time the movie adaptations don’t live up to the book in my eyes. I have watched and read the Harry Potter series and while excellent there are things that ping me, details that don’t match up. I did see The Fault in Our Stars and I was so pleased that they stayed so close to the source material.

clouds07 I’m really rough on books that I own. I dog ear, I highlight I write in margins. My copy of Catcher in the Rye is so battered and bruised that even the duct-tape doctoring on the spine isn’t enough. I need to buy a new copy. I won’t get rid of my original copy–that one is mine and I can’t let it go. When people loan me books or I get them from the library I’m far more gentle. I actually use one of the eight million bookmarks I have.

clouds08 Whenever I get a new book I almost instantly go to Goodreads and read the reviews. Even the spoiler laced ones. I can’t help myself.

clouds09 I wish more bloggers would give indie authors a chance. Some of the best stories I’ve read are by people who have done it on their own. I’ve been lost in worlds that are created by people who just decided to pen a book and put it out there for everyone to share. Yes there are some rather interesting books out there, and some of them aren’t edited well, or written well, but there are traditionally published books out there with poor editing/writing.

clouds10I feel so guilty when I don’t update on a regular basis. It makes me ill to my stomach. But I am going to work hard and create a posting schedule and make things a lot more entertaining around here. πŸ™‚


That’s my Top Ten for Tuesday. Feel free to leave a link to yours in the comments if you participate!


5 thoughts on “Confessions! (Top Ten Tuesday)

  1. I’m one of those that doesn’t mark my books in any way. I think it’s because I give a lot of books to charity or others and I want them to feel like they’re getting a lovely, newish book! I do agree with a lot of your confessions! I’m awful at cross-posting my reviews.

  2. I’m pretty bad with delivering content to my blog and not so much keeping to a schedule (since I don’t really have anything to put out there lololol). But it’d be cool to read about some thoughts on manga. I won’t say I had a falling out with it but aside from like the core mangas, I haven’t dabbled in too much. Though, I think it could be just a shift in what I read–from mangas to books–as that’s what I think happened.

    joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts

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