CGSwaps Swap Reveal: 12 Days of Christmas!


My lovely swap partner was Meghann over at Becoming Books and she went above and beyond and spoiled me rotten. I was in and out of hospital with pneumonia so I kind of opened everything all at once, rather than the one-parcel-a-day event that was supposed to take place.

I ended up with so many goodies. Bleach playing cards, a MLPFiM calendar that is hanging on my wall, a journal, a notebook, smelly markers, candy– even my nerd itch was scratched with Marvel earrings. I literally shrieked when I saw the little iron man, Thors, and Hulks staring up at me. (I’m cosplaying as a fem!Iron Man for comicon this year and I didn’t know I needed those earrings but they’re so being used). I got oodles of candy, that admittedly most of it is gone, as I have a wicked sweet tooth.

I am so grateful and thankful for everything that Meghann sent me and I’m hoping to keep in contact with her.


One thought on “CGSwaps Swap Reveal: 12 Days of Christmas!

  1. I’m so glad you’re feeling better (and good timing, with happy mail to cheer you up!), and Marvel earrings sound ADORABLE. Did she say where she found them? I might have to get some.. 😉
    Have fun cosplaying- I look forward to seeing how you femme up the traditional Iron Man suit!

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