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I’m Shelly, a late twenty something-ish lady, I live in the wonderful state of Washington, a bit south of Seattle. I’ve always loved books and reading, and now feel that I want to share all of the books I read with other people. My “to-read-pile” is slowly taking over all available space and I keep adding to it. The instant gratification of eReaders (I have a Nook and use the Kindle app as well) has only made this habit worse. I write reviews for BTS magazine, which can be found online through their site. I love all written word, and although I have a constant love affair with urban fantasy/paranormal, I’ll read anything.

When I’m not reading, I’m out exploring the vast wonders of my state. I’ve recently taken up hiking, and completed my first 5k run, and have become hooked. I’m a Girl Scout leader, and I also head up a local writing group called The Sock Monkey Writers. I’m active in the community, and I’m almost never without something to do. I love music and claim to be a metalhead, but I’ve rediscovered my country side and adore a lot of artists. I am always wanting to further my education and seek out lots of different experiences and I love to try new things.

I enjoy being crafty, I scrapbook and journal. I’ve recently starting making soap, finding that melt and pour is a good starting point, and I’m learning all that I can about cold process so I can start making that too. Photography is something I really enjoy and I’m really active on instagram. I like creating things, and am always looking to learn new crafts.

My love of books has also encouraged another love which is writing. I wrote fan fiction for various shows for a few years, and tried my hand at something original with NaNoWriMo 2011. NaNoWriMo, if you don’t know is National Novel Writing Month, and during the month of November you can take on the challenge to write a 50,000 word novella. I quickly became hooked, and along with a notebook full of book reviews and thoughts I now have a couple of notebooks filled with plot ideas and stories. I was published in May of 2013 in an anthology by Darq Deviant Press entitled “Bitter Blackout”, which is available on Amazon. I’m currently working on a full length story to go along with my piece, The Harrowing.

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3 thoughts on “Meet the Blogger!

  1. Hey Shelly! I don’t know if this page is appropriate for me to post this here but why not: I have nominated you in receiving the Liebster Award! I don’t really know what that means but congrats! To find out more, you can click here.

    If you’ve already accepted The Liebster Award in the past, then you can totally just omit this message. But regardless of accepting the award or not, I encourage you to consider the prompted questions in the post for fun (if you find thought-provoking questions fun…at least).


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