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Adorned Georgeann Swiger
As You Turn Away Molli Moran
The fault in Our Stars John Green
Frankenstein Mary Shelley
Hyperbole and a Half Allie Brosh
The Last Policeman Ben Winters
A Monster Calls Patrick Ness
Not a Drop to Drink Mindy McGinnis
Pierced J.C. Mells
Pinked J.C. Mells
Thirteen Reasons Why Jay Asher
Wunder A.R. Von
Wunder .5 Dreamz A.R. Von
Wunder A.R. Von


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1984 George Orwell
Anna Dressed in Blood Kendare Blake
Bird of Prey D.C. Ngontang Mba
Desire B.L. Wilde
Escaped J.C. Mells
Elixir Bound Katie L. Carroll
Fahrenheit 451 Ray Bradbury
Fire in the Blood Dale Ibitz
Heels of Love Phoenix Rayne
Lolita Vladimir Nabokov
Mounting the Whale Colleen McCarty
The Night Circus Erin Morgenstern
The Nightmare Affair Mindee Arnett
Paper Valentine Brenna Yovanoff
Shattered Ties KA Robinson
Strong Blood Dale Ibitz
Tent City Kelly Van Hull
This Could Have Been Our Song! D.C. Ngontang Mba



The Abbey at World’s End L.L. Watkin
Black Diamond Jennifer Loiske
Don’t Even Think About It Sarah Mlynowski
Girl of Nightmares Kendare Blake
Going Nowhere Fast K.D. Bloodworth
Letters From Skye Jessica Brockie
Palace of the Three Crosses Christina Weigand
Palace of the Twelve Pillars Christina Weigand



Ascend Amanda Hocking
The Brokenhearted Amelia Kahaney
Draw the Dark Ilsa J. Bick
Flip Martyn Bedford
Flip Martyn Bedford
The Grimm Legacy Polly Shulman
Torn Amanda Hocking



Cryer’s Cross Lisa McMann
Switched Amanda Hocking



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