A Halloween swap hosted by Chaotic Goddess Swaps!

Sign-ups Open: Monday, September 21st.
Sign-ups Close: Monday, September 28th.
Partners Assigned by: Wednesday, September 30th.
Packages Ship: on or by Saturday, October 17th.
Show-Off Linky Opens: Wednesday, October 21st.

Sign up here: http://cgswaps.com/2015/09/swapoween-sign-ups


Chaotic Goddess Books & Bloggers Swap Reveal!


I signed up for Chaotic Goddess’ Books n Bloggers Swap for the third (fourth?) time, and I got my package last weekend when I was apple picking with some friends. I’m so thankful to my partner Ashley, I love all of the goodies and the card she included. I really enjoy reading her blog, it’s beautiful and really entertaining. You guys should go check her out.

Happy Pretty Sweet

Chaotic Goddess Books and Bloggers Swap!



It’s that time again when the lovely ladies over at Chaotic Goddess Swaps put together their Books and Bloggers swap. I’ve done this swap a few times now and it’s always a ton of fun. I even put the sign up start date in my planner, because I wanted to remember to get in on this one. The book swap and the Halloween swap are by far my favorite.

If you haven’t done this swap before, it is simple. You sign up, and when you get your partner assignment you purchase a book on their wishlist, a book that you’ve read and a book that looks interesting (either on their wishlist or not). So, it really is a ton of fun.

Dates to remember:

Sign-Ups Close on August 24th, 2015

Partners Assigned by August 26th, 2015

Sign up here: Challenge is hosted by Books and Bloggers swap sign up

CGSwaps Swap Reveal: 12 Days of Christmas!


My lovely swap partner was Meghann over at Becoming Books and she went above and beyond and spoiled me rotten. I was in and out of hospital with pneumonia so I kind of opened everything all at once, rather than the one-parcel-a-day event that was supposed to take place.

I ended up with so many goodies. Bleach playing cards, a MLPFiM calendar that is hanging on my wall, a journal, a notebook, smelly markers, candy– even my nerd itch was scratched with Marvel earrings. I literally shrieked when I saw the little iron man, Thors, and Hulks staring up at me. (I’m cosplaying as a fem!Iron Man for comicon this year and I didn’t know I needed those earrings but they’re so being used). I got oodles of candy, that admittedly most of it is gone, as I have a wicked sweet tooth.

I am so grateful and thankful for everything that Meghann sent me and I’m hoping to keep in contact with her.

Swap time!

It’s November! Which of course means NaNoWriMo (more on that in a later post) but that also sends me to pintrest and scouring for neat Christmas ideas. Don’t worry the house is all decorated for fall/harvest time still. I just really love Christmas and giving things, and making presents for people. So you can imagine my excitement when I found the 12 Days of Christmas swap hosted by Chaotic Goddess Swaps! I signed up, and you can do so too, until the 10th.

Sign up on their blog, (go here: Sign ups or click the button below)

Dates to remember:
Sign-Ups Close on November 10th, 2014
Partners Assigned on November 12th, 2014
Packages Ship by December 6th, 2014
You open 1 wrapped gift per day starting December 13th
Swap Show-Off Post/Linky goes life on December 24th!

I’m so excited for this! Won’t you sign up too?

I have also signed up for this one:

Hosted by Lipstick and Tractors

Sign-Ups Close: Friday, November 7th
•Partners Sent Out: Sunday, November 9th
•Packages Must Be Shipped By: Monday, November 17th
•Reveal Link-Up Opens: Friday, November 21st

Chaotic Goddess Swaps:: BOOK SWAP!

BOOKS! I get to swap books with people?! Yes please. I love swapping, mainly because I love getting packages together and having a lot of fun picking things out and wrapping everything up. I’ve had two really great swaps with Chaotic Goddess Swaps and my partners were really amazing. When I heard that their next swap was going to be books I might have gotten a little excited.

So, if you’d like to swap books the sign ups are at Chaotic Goddess Swaps

Your Mission
Send your partner THREE books:

A book you love
A book you haven’t read but are interested in
A book from your partner’s wish

Dates to Remember:
Sign-Ups Start: Monday, June 2nd at 12AM
Sign-Ups End: Monday, June 9th at 11:59PM
First Post MUST be Posted by: Tuesday, June 10th at 11:59PM
Partners assigned: Wednesday, June 11th
Packages Shipped: Friday, June 27th & Saturday June 28th
Show-Off Linky Opens: Wednesday, July 2nd
Show-Off Linky Closes: Friday, July 18th

Come do this with me! It’ll be fun. 🙂

My Favorite Color Swap Reveal!!!

Look at these amazing goodies!! I got my package from Kristen at The Book Monsters on the 10th, but I didn’t open it until after she had gotten her parcel. (Which I had accidentally sent to my brother first.) She got my package on Saturday and opened everything up, so I felt comfortable opening my box. Kristen went above and beyond what I expected. This swap was all about things that are our favorite color. My favorite colors (currently) are pink and green. She sent me some lovely green note cards and a bookmark that are green. Green and pink candy–yum! PINK PEEPS. I was seriously thinking about buying these around Easter, I’m glad I didn’t now I get to nom on them as I enjoy not one book, but two. She sent me Fangirl–which has been on my TBR list FOREVER, and Chime which looks super interesting. I was really excited because Kristen also blogs about books, and a few of our bookish interests intersect. I was also given a notebook, a pink water bottle and two nail polishes, one in mint green and the other in bright bubblegum pink. Perfect for spring. 😉 I’m super happy with this swap, and having made a new blogging buddy. Please check out Kristen and her blog, you won’t regret it.

Chaotic Goddess Swaps can be found here Follow their blog too! The next swap? BOOKS!

Favorite Color Swap!

I’m super excited to sign up for this swap! The theme of this swap is ‘favorite color’ so you get to go out and find at least five items of your swap partner’s favorite color and send them out! And you get a box in return. I’m super excited–I might be slightly swap addicted. So a box full of things in my favorite color? Yes please! Right now I’m loving shades of green and pink and gray. I think it’s the spring time mood from where I live. Sign ups close tomorrow so if it’s something you’re interested in, I’d sign up asap!

Sign up here! <a href=”http://cgswaps.blogspot.com/2014/04/favorite-color-swap-signups.html”>Chaotic Goddess Swaps</a>

Mug o’ Comfort Swap!

I’ve decided to join up with the Mug o’ Comfort Swap! I first heard of Chaotic Goddess Swaps via Books, Tea and Me and thought it would be fun to sign up and do a little swap. I mean who doesn’t love getting things in the mail?

So, the whole thing behind the Mug O’ Comfort Swap is to fill a package with goodies for your partner that you, yourself, would love to receive. The package must include a mug, and stuff that goes along with it (tea, coffee, cocoa, cider, etc)- anything else you want to include is up to you! I’m super excited and already have ideas, and I haven’t even gotten my swap partner yet!

Does it sound interesting to you? You can sign up here: Chaotic Goddess Swaps Mug O’Comfort Swap.

Some dates to remember:

Sign-Ups Start: Monday, February 24th at 12AM
Sign-Ups End: Monday, March 3rd at 12AM
First Post MUST be Posted by: Tuesday, March 4th at 12AM
Partners assigned: Tuesday, March 4th
Packages Shipped: Friday, March 21st & Saturday March 22nd
Show-Off Linky Opens: Wednesday, March 23rd
Show-Off Linky Closes: Friday, April 11th

Come join me and swap some goodies!