Review: Perifdy by Dori Klaproth

Perdify by Dori Klaproth
Release Date:July 23, 2013
Publisher: Self published through Amazon.
Pages: 90 pages.
Rating:  photo kasa_zps3bb337c2.gif  photo kasa_zps3bb337c2.gif

The Summary: Quick witted teen Trina must find a way to fight for her life the government has unleashed a genetically altered millennia old virus on an unsuspecting populace. To top it off she must keep her 4 year old half-sister as well as a couple of spoiled rich boys. Then finds Love right in the middle of it all.

The Review: This book was a serious let down. I really wanted to like it, I’ve read a short by this author and enjoyed it. However, Perfidy is just something that didn’t live up to it’s potential. Trina is a teenage girl who falls ill in the first few pages of the book. She’s taken to a mobile hospital (think like a M*A*S*H or field hospital) where she learns that she’s going to be executed–even after surviving a round with this mysterious illness.

Sounds interesting?

It has the chance to be. But that chance goes away, and everything is handed to Trina on a platter of convenience. She escapes into the woods, and works her way back to the family home. Once there she finds that her escape has been noticed, and now people are hunting her down. Trina’s mother sends the four year old sister out to join Trina in the wilderness to hopefully live in secrecy. Trina’s father spent lots of time teaching her how to survive off the land, and she has a few supplies. But once again, the opportunity to show some conflict and struggle is overshadowed. The supplies that they need are always within reach, they find a cave system which they turn into a home–and they don’t want for anything. Two boys join the girls, and again, things just seem to fall into place.

I would have really loved to see more struggle, more drama with this book. The whole man vs nature, man vs government is something that appeals to me in books. There were times where I could see where this was going, but then it turned sharply into the world of easily accessible. I think that rather than the young adult/teen age group this book would be more suited for a younger crowd. I wanted to like this, and I did finish because there were a few good points and the potential is there–but I can’t recommend it really. It is a series, and I’m strongly considering the second book but I probably won’t get it.

I bought this when it was .99, and the price has been raised to 4.99 which I think is incredibly high. If you wish to purchase it, go for it, but wait and watch if the price goes down.

Purchase: Perfidy