Emerald City Author Event!

Yesterday I spent the day up in Seattle with my friend Jenny, and we went to the Emerald City Author Event. I heard about this through Facebook, the event link just showed up in my feed, and I decided to go. This is my first book signing type of event and I was really excited (plus it was an excuse to go to Seattle.) It was really neat and I got to meet and talk with a bunch of authors.

I bought quite a few books, and I can’t wait to get into them. Look forward to reviews on all of them. I also got information about another book signing event next month, and I’m super excited about that one too. I have more of an idea of what happens at these so I know what to bring (a backpack for sure) and more books. I bought five books before the event and ended up purchasing three more at the event. I’m glad I went and I’m looking forward to the next event.