Stacking the Shelves Saturday!

Hi everyone! Today I’m hopping on the Stacking the Shelves meme. Here’s a peek at my ‘to read’ list for the week.

First up Print books!

 photo 91c2252b-69a8-48d2-89d7-98fd2dade163_zps5a0bc879.jpg
Gideon’s Sword by Preston & Child. I’m really looking forward to getting into this, but it won’t end up on my blog.

 photo 8a29ea1c-1691-4076-91a8-d3749867f3c4_zps4c6c8bdf.jpg
Happy Hour of the Damned by Mark Henry. This has been on my bookshelf for months, and I’m going to crack into it. Once finished I’ll have a review up in a later post.

 photo 7beb1e95-8921-4866-abdb-2b093e39fced_zps7139e21d.jpg
The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I bought this last weekend, and I’m really looking forward to getting into it. A review will be up at a later date.

Epub books!

 photo 4c2b4f36-040c-4f11-93a9-9d7ff63fe9c0_zpsa637286a.jpg
Soul Keepers by G.P. Ching.

 photo 66ec0ca5-4392-4575-a2bf-bae8a902e4d7_zps5e0daf23.jpg
Escaped by J.C. Mells. Both Escaped and Soul Keepers will end up on the blog.

And last but not least, my R & R books!

 photo 68e09b3e-e0f2-4eed-be2b-391702bc6379_zps86cbcbae.jpg  photo b921bc11-3d84-4161-9a20-d697f6f99bb1_zpsa400c66b.jpg  photo 279ff827-d778-413d-8b30-9953f359097f_zps189c8424.jpg

 photo 4ea5fb56-a68d-4f92-bb37-dd6b30c0f7e9_zps66ca3d46.jpg  photo 2fd5667b-19e0-4518-801e-56d0f74b4293_zpsee3b56ce.jpg

I have a laid back week coming up, so I’ll have a chance to really get some reading done. What’s on your shelf for the week? Participate here: Tyngas Reviews